Top 5 Best Bollywood Movies That can Make Your Day Better

 Top 5 Best Bollywood Movies That can Make Your Day Better

Bollywood is a film-producing industry, and India owns this industry. The Bollywood industry is also producing creative stuff for the viewers. Bollywood is the most famous movie producing industry after China become China is doing a lot to grow the film industry. Still, the only shortcoming of Chinese is that it does not provide dubbing content.

Bollywood is recognized for the Hindi movies, but this industry is producing the content in multiple languages. Hindi is the national language of India, but there are many other local languages in India, such as Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and many more.

In this article, we will Top 5 Best Bollywood Movies that you can watch along with the family. These movies are safe to watch with the family. This data is written after self-observation, and there is no official data, but when we talk about popular Bollywood Movies, most of the audience prefers these movies.

Bollywood is very popular in South Asia because the languages of Asian countries are similar to each other such Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi are the most common languages in South Asia so, this industry is currently ruling complete South Asia.

The content is not for the Asian audience but also recommendable for the rest of the regions because everyone wants to watch the quality content. I’m well confident about the content in these movies. The questions are expected about the availability of these movies so, some of them are available on YouTube officially, and you can also use different mediums to watch these movies.

If you are worried about the availability of the movies, I’ve used a lot of movie streaming apps that can help you watch these amazing movies. Still, now the second problem is that where can we such apps, but don’t need to worry because Atozapk is the popular mobile apps website where you can get thousands of apps for Android and iOS.

It seems that we’ve solved your possible problems, so we should move to the five movies. I will try to maintain the balance by providing some old movies, and some are new, and this film industry is 70 years old so, there is too much amazing content is expected here.

3 Idiots Movie

3 Idiots movie is released under the flag of the Bollywood industry, and this movie has certainly stolen my heart. This movie has always been my first choice because it involves emotions, comedy, and much more. It’s based on Teacher day, and it was also released on teacher day (5 September), and Aamir Khan is the leading character in this movie.

Aamir Khan is the king of Bollywood, and three idiots movie is not the only productive movie of Aamir khan. Still, there are many other amazing movies where Aamir khan showed his acting skills. If we talk about Bollywood stars, Aamir Khan is my choice, and his personality is very attractive.

If you’ve watched this movie before, you deserved it. Still, if you’ve not watched it yet, you have missed the quality content because the storyline of 3 Idiot movie is amazing, and 3 Idiots movie is very creative for the students globally because it gives the message to the students that don’t take study as a burden, but take a study like a hobby.

Kareena Kapoor is the leading actress in the movie, and she is also well recognized Bollywood Actress. I’m not a die-heart fan of her acting skills, but she did much better in the 3 Idiots movie. There are 3 friends, who use to study together in a college, and two of the friends are always worried about the marks, but the third friend always prefers to learn concepts rather than remembering things without proper knowledge.

Dhol Movie

Dhol movie is my second favorite movie after 3 Idiots, and if you like to watch comedy stuff, you must watch Dhol Movie because there is too much comedy in it, and the movie is based on four friends who are always sleeping, don’t work. These friends are always looking for shortcuts to get the money.

First, they decided to start a business together and take a shop for rent, but the Bank does not approve the loan, and there were more worried now, and that’s why they’ve decided to try all the shortcut ways to earn money. They don’t even pay the home loan but bringing a new one every day for the owners.

They got a girl, who has just shifted to their area, and her name was Ritu, and she was seeking the attention of these four guys. The second interesting thing was that she was a rich girl so, these four guys started to impress her in different ways, but she did not pay much attention to them, and that’s why they looked for another way to get attention.

Somehow, they managed to get her attention, and the many comedy scenes are expected in it so, you should watch the movie, and I’m 100% sure that you will surely like the content because the film producer has produced the movie in a way that everyone becomes the fan of Dhol movie.

Sholay Movie

Sholay movie is the old product of the Bollywood industry, and it was released in 1975 while the previous two movies were released in the 20th century. Still, Solay is undoubtedly a stunning product of the Indian film industry, and Amitabh Bachchan is the leading character, but there are two leading characters. Dharmendra is the 2nd man leading character.

Both leading characters were friends and used to live in a village, but the environment of the village was not up to the mark because there are some thieves in the village, and they used to loot the people every second day, and these two friends helped the people to get rid of these thieves.

Somehow, they managed to remove those thieves from the area, and then the people lived happily there. If we talk about the old movies, there is no more recommending content of Bollywood because if a person follows the Bollywood industry, there is no chance that the person is not familiar with Sholay movies.

Phir Hera Pheri Movie

Phir Hera Pheri movie is the 4th most popular product of Bollywood. It also belongs to the comedy category, and it has three leading characters, one character owns a house in a city, and Raju & Sham are two of his members of the house, but both were paying rent to the owner’s; how they become friends.

This movie has a total of two parts, and this part is the second part of the movie; and the first sequel is also good, but I love to watch the second part, but there are a lot of people who love to watch the first part more than the second part, but it’s up to the liking of the person so, my choice is 2nd part.

The movie’s story is very easy to understand; they become rich at the end of the first sequel, and now but they were still greedy and looking to get more money. The guys faced a trap when a fake company approached them and asked them to invest money in the company, and they will get double the money within 21 days. Since they were greedy, they invested every penny in the scheme, and after 21 days, the guys found that it was a scam and became homeless since they also sold the house to invest money in the scheme.

Raees Movie

Raees movie is part of a Bollywood movie, and it’s also a high-rated movie. Shah Rukh Khan is the leading character in it while Mahira Khan is the leading women character; this movie is based on gang crimes, and a gangster group is ruling a city, but many gangsters want to take his position they feel jealous.

This movie contains too many crimes, but it also contains romance, and you will see many action scenes here so, watch this high-rated movie. It has too much money & fame in the market because this movie has made a handsome amount of money.

Kunal Nanda