Everybody has heard this prominent aphorism “all glitters are not gold” which means not everything that is apparently glittery and attractive is precious or true. This idiom undoubtedly applies to the Bollywood industry no matter how attractive, interesting, shiny, and glamorous it looks from the outside but it is not the reality deep-inside it too has a dark side that remains hidden for maintaining the honor and esteem it owns.

But you must be thinking why I said this? What is the dark side of the film industry? Well, one such event which reveals the dark side of the Bollywood industry is the “casting couch”. Now, what is the exact meaning of casting couch –

What is Casting Couch In Bollywood Film Industry?


“Casting couch refers to a mindset in which producers, filmmakers, or directors take advantage of their position and ask for sexual favors from actors/actresses who are new in the industry or want to start their career in the film industry. These directors provide movies to young actors in exchange for sexual favors.” 


Not only in the Bollywood industry this practice also prevails in the Hollywood industry, directors sexually harasses actors/actresses in exchange for being cast in movie roles.

This has happened with many actors/actresses in the Bollywood industry they were asked to sleep with directors, producers, or sometimes even with underworld dons to get casted for the role they desire. There were various movements such as #metoo and #Time’sup in which some Bollywood actors/actresses chivalrously and boldly spoke about their casting couch experience which indeed unmasked various directors and filmmakers who encourage such events. This shameless act needs to be stopped immediately.

Now, further in this article were going to tell you about 12 actors/actresses who faced casting couch experience in the Bollywood industry. Those actor/actresses are:



  1. Surveen Chawala

casting couch in bollywood

SurveenChawla is a stunning, beautiful, and glamorous actress who started her career with the movie “hate story 2”. She gave boldly and mind-blowing in that movie and won the heart of many fans. After that she admitted that she has also faced five casting couch experiences till now- twice in the Bollywood film industry and thrice in the south film industry. But she didn’t accept any of the offers and never gave up. She continued her hard work and now she is a well-known actress.


  1. Kalki Koechlin

casting couch in bollywood

Kalki Koechlin is famous for her unconventional work in the Bollywood film industry. She is a very bold and stunning actress who is very vocal about the existence of the casting couch in Bollywood Once she was auditioning for a movie, the producer of that movie asked her for a date. When she refused that offer. After that, she never got any call from that production house related to the role or the movie. Like this, various other incidents happened with her but for these, she said that she has grown up with this and now she has learned to deal with such incidents.


  1. Ayushmann Khurrana

casting couch in bollywood

AysuhamnKhurrana is an Indian actor, singer, and television host who currently works in Bollywood movies. His acting skills are breath-taking and sensational. Before becoming a celebrity he was a popular anchor on the small screen. Dream girl’s actor stated in media that the casting couch is the sad reality of the Bollywood industry. He said it was during his struggling days when a director told him “if you want to get the lead role then show me your tool”. He “politely refused the offer” and simply told him that he is straight. He has faced many rejections in his life but never gave up he did hard work and become one of the most famous celebrities in India.


  1. Kangana Ranaut

casting couch in bollywood

KanganaRanaut is a bold and fearless lady. She is a beautiful and confident woman who can say anything against this so-called male-dominant society. She is an inspiration for other women. Lately, in an interview, she threw light upon the casting couch in Bollywood and the way directors and filmmakers pressurize female actors. These directors think that even if a woman is a successful actress but if she wants to be casted as a lead she must make the director and actor happy. She has also faced such incidents in her life but she never quitted she work hard and harder.



  1. Ranveer Singh

casting couch in bollywood

The next actor in our list who faced the casting couch experience in the Bollywood industry is Ranveer Singh. He has won the heart of the audience several times with his breathtaking and stunning performances. He described casting couch as commonplace for struggling actors. Once in his struggling days, a man said to him that be open to“take and touch” but when he said no to this the man started bargaining and insisted that if he can only touch or see it then again he refused to all this. After that, when he asked other struggling actors about that man then he found that he had placed this condition in front of everyone.



  1. Swara Bhaskar

casting couch in bollywood

Swara Bhaskar is one of the strongest and bravest women in the Bollywood industry. She is very outspoken and vocal about sensitive issues. The actress raised her voice many times for the instances like sexual harassment. She became a victim of casting couch in B-town and faced a lot of such instance. She has lost a lot of movies because she refused to compromise. But she never chose her work over her dignity.


  1. Tisca Chopra

casting couch in bollywood

Tisca Chopra is a bold and beautiful actress. She is a popular T.V. actress, film producer, and author. She started her career as a struggling actor and her struggle was as real as anyone else. Tare zammenper’s actress herself disclosed to media that she once faced such incidents in her life where she has to chose one either her dignity or her work. But she never put her dignity down by compromising with such incidents.


  1. Rakhi Sawant

casting couch in bollywood

RakhiSawant one of the best item girls of the Bollywood industry. She is an outspoken and brave woman. She has admitted that she was also the victim of casting couch but she said it wasn’t right if I say that every producer or director I reached is guilty but from all this, I learned to say no. She stated, “ from the beginning girls are being exploited in this industry but now even men are facing this too”. She said that it is very sad that we all are living in Kalyug.


  1. Maushmi Udeshi

casting couch in bollywood

MaushmiUdeshi is a popular model and a Bollywood actress. She is a magnificent and astounding actor. She captured the eyes of the masses with her first television ad of a reputed brand. She opened herself and told her experience in the Bollywood industry and said- “Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and belong to any of those powerful star families which have a great ascendency on Bollywood, everyone will tend to take you for granted. Casting couch was always a part of the Bollywood industry and it’s very much widespread even today”. But anyhow I managed to save myself from this peril.


  • Sameera Reddy

casting couch in bollywood

Samera Reddy is a former Indian actress who basically started her career in the Bollywood film industry. This prominent actress faced casting couch experience two times in her life– the first one is when a kissing scene from nowhere appeared in the script and the second time is when an actor started to make fool of her. He said, “ you are so unfriendly and boring, you are no fun”. The actress also said “the whole game is of snake and ladder where you need to know how you can make your way when you have snakes all around you.


  • Preeti Jain

casting couch in bollywood

The notorious casting couch scandal in the Bollywood industry is Preeti Jain’s case. She is a model as well as an actress. This case created an enormous altercation. Preeti put an allegation on famous director Madhur Bhandarkar that he had raped her 16 times between 1999-2004. The case finally closed in 2012 when the supreme court passed its judgment that the person is not guilty of the case.




  • Mamta Kulkarni

casting couch in bollywood

Mamta Kulkarni is a former Bollywood actress and a popular model. She is a beautiful and stunning actress, her performances were outstanding. But suddenly her career came to end after she got involved with the drug mafia Vicky Goswami. She put casting couch allegations on very famous director  Rajkumar Santoshi. She said that RajkumarSantoshi asked her for physical relations during the shooting of China Gate. There was news that she did compromise but there is no evidence for that. However, the matter didn’t work in her favor, her career was ruined anyway.



  • Priyanshu Chatterjee

casting couch in bollywood

Priyanshu Chatterjee is a Bollywood actor and a former model. He started his career as a model. His biggest success was Tum Bin in 2001. He won millions of hearts with his breathtaking and stunning performances. Maybe his career was not so bright but he actually did some memorable roles. He admitted that he is also a victim of the casting couch in Bollywood industry. He said, “a director asked me for sexual favors in exchange for a lead role”. But I didn’t accept the offer and waited till I got the role with my talent.


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