Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargava talks about miscarriage: A large part of our heart is ruthlessly torn apart

 Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargava talks about miscarriage: A large part of our heart is ruthlessly torn apart

Ankita Bhargava, the wife of Karan Patel, who had a miscarriage in 2018, has opened the most painful phase of her life like never before.

Ankita Bhargawa
Ankita Bhargava

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava are one of the most talked-about couples in the world. the famous couple never failed to score goals and their chemistry often touches our hearts. Recently, after Ankita’s miscarriage began, the power couple made headlines like never before. The actress shared a lengthy, emotional post on Instagram showing the most painful step of losing an unborn child. ‘If you recall, there was a dedicated miscarriage in 2018.


Speaking about the same, she said that the unfortunate incident had turned her life upside down and she and Karan were crying every night. Ankita described it as the most personal post ever and said he had overcome the pain of this traumatic event. In her post, Ankit recalled the fateful day of 2018 and said she had a miscarriage as she was preparing to travel to Thailand for an ad shoot post from a gynecologist. There is nothing wrong with my work or my body and most importantly, there is nothing wrong with my unborn child! Just, my first child came to this world too soon to meet me! I could not see my baby’s face! We prayed for the baby!


It was a really hard time for Dedication and she began to wake up in a flat stomach that had hated God for months. Yet, the couple does not know how to deal with this pain. There was no method! Our policy was against each other. I wanted him to be with me and take pain together, trusting him. My pain is intense. Seeing his pain is so intense! He showed his normal side to make it feel easy‚Ķ .but it gave both of us so much sadness. Day! One day, I had to say, in words, I want us to hold each other and feel pain! And we did, “she added.



However, overcoming this step was no easy task for her and she stopped crying every night. However, the simultaneous sadness began its healing process. Our family and friends have been a great support in helping us through our darkest times, but I and my husband are my greatest strength, especially at that time! Keep it up! ”


The dedicated world was turned upside down, and the support from her family convinced her that she too would survive this traumatic period. However, after being asked to brutally abuse her, the situation worsened and the couple was said to be entitled. The actress claimed that she was also asked to leave Karan, also known as infertility. I kept it inside for many days … and someday I made it out completely.

However, when his daughter Maher came into his life, things changed and he could only express his gratitude. “We named him ‘Meher’: God bless. When I take him into my arms I can say … Thank God for your kindness,” she wrote.

Also, Ankita says miscarriage does not define a woman. You need to learn to compartmentalize life and wait for a difficult time,” he stressed. Moreover, the proud mother says that crying is the biggest lesson she learned from this difficult time.

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