Rahat Indori Death | Shayari | Live Journey | Struggle

 Rahat Indori Death | Shayari | Live Journey | Struggle

Best Shayar Rahat Indori Passed Away


Famous poet and Urdu Rahat Indori has died of heart attack. The Corona report of Rahat came positive. Then he was admitted to the hospital of Aurobindo. He tweeted the news of being corona positive while hospitalized.

Rahat Indori Birth Place and Family Members:

He was born in Indore on 1 January 1950. His childhood name was Kamil who later became Rahatullah Qureshi but was recognized in the world by Dr. Rahat got the name of Indori. His father’s name was Raftullah Qureshi who was an employee of the textile mill, his mother’s name was Maqbool Unisha Begum. Rahat married twice. The names of his wives are Anjum Rahbar (1988–1993), Seema Rahat. His sons are named Faisal Rahat, Sutlez Rahat, and his daughter named Shibli Irfan.


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Rahat Indori Earlier Life Journey:

Rahat’s earlier education took place at Nutan School Indore. He received his MA in Urdu Literature at BarkatUllah University in Bhopal in 1973 from Islamia Karimia College Indore. In 1985, he qualified in Urdu from Madhya Pradesh Open University in Madhya Pradesh with his Ph.D. in Urdu literature.



Rahat Indori has also remained a professor of Urdu literature at Devi Ahilya University, Indore. At the age of just 19, he started offering lions. He has a lot of poetry in the country and abroad.

Rahat Indori called lions with equal rights and disputes on both politics and love. In Rahat, mushaira are known to say lions of gham-e-jana (for girlfriend) in a special way. But his research work in Urdu is a heritage of Urdu literature.

In the beginning, there used to be Indori painters. In the Malwa Mill area, they make sugar boards and write a few words and keep telling them to friends. For the first time he taught Mushaira in Kanpur. The Bazm-e-Adab Library located here is often used to reach Mushayre’s convictions, Rahat as well. Used to sit and listen while listening. One day a poet present there caught sight of him.

Rahatullah Qureshi called on the stage and said that today you have to read Mushaira, what was it! The lion hears that people are convinced of him. Growing from Ranipura-Malwa Mill, the whole city, country, and world joined their fans. Initially, he used to sit in a shop in Ranipura, only then he got angry.

Struggling Life of Rahat Indori:

The style of the relief poetry of Indori is very attractive. They do not choose a simple way for their popularity which reduces the respect of poetry. Rahat when reading ghazals is like going through experience both watching and listening to them. Another relief within the relief is visible at the moment and it becomes a tilism. There are such all-rounders of relief mushers that you can feed them in any order, they take the fight. He has to live on Mike. The listener gets the feeling that the relief is well received and good poetry is only heard and heard right now.

The family’s financial condition was not very good and Rahat ji had to face several difficulties in the first days. At less than ten years of age, he began work as a sign painter in his own area. One of his areas of interest was painting and a name quickly gained. In no time did he become Indore’s most active signboard designer. He ‘s known for his talents, outstanding design skills, excellent color sense, and imagination. The customers were even forced to wait months for Rahat to paint the frames.


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