Akshay Kumar’s Comfortable Life Formula and Diet

 Akshay Kumar’s Comfortable Life Formula and Diet

Akshay Kumar’s Daily Life Routine, Formula and Diet

Undoubtedly the healthiest Bollywood star and a great inspiration for many, Akshay Kumar is one of very few actors for whom fitness is a part of living. How’s he going to do it? Let’s find out about it.

Akshay Kumar always has been a health freak, even before he decided to enter Bollywood. Akshay mastered martial arts and the ‘Khiladi’ of the film industry, he has been trained in Taekwondo and Muay Thai.

He’s a black belt in Taekwondo, but he’s learned Muay Thai through Thailand, where he worked in a restaurant before. Starting his successful movie career in India.


Akshay Kumar's Daily Life Routine, Formula and Diet
Akshay Kumar’s Daily Routine Exercise


Today, when most men seem obsessed with muscles or abs, Akshay ‘s fitness concept is simple. Fitness needs to come from keeping your body active, and that there are different ways to do so without hitting the gym. He’s heavily involved in kick-boxing and shadow-boxing. He practices parkour, yoga, too. For a strong mind and other sports like basketball, and enjoy trekking. If you can’t run, just go for an hour’s stroll, “is his favorite suggestion.

Natural therapy

He happily acknowledges that even after 32 years of service, he still doesn’t have more than 4 or 6 abs. He never used any small steps to build up his body, like supplements, powders, or shakes. He believes that gyms can support you strengthen your stamina, but to the maintenance of physical fitness, It’s the best way to build your body naturally. Its motto is simple, ‘Health matters most.’

It avoids alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and nicotine in any form, and even tea or coffee. “Whether you smoke or drink, you ‘re not going to have the stamina to work out,” he said in his conversation with Bombay Times. He believes that he has a balanced diet and eats the way our family eats.


Akshay Kumar's Daily Life Routine
Akshay Kumar Workout

Homemade food is the best

“I haven’t ever diet,” he proclaims, “Eat anything but eat only at right time.” Akshay is known to have finished his dinner by 7 p.m. and there is a valid explanation for that. According to Ayurveda, you will have at least 2 to eat. 3 hours before you can go to sleep because your body needs too much time to digest food. When you’re fed near to your sleeping period, the digestive processes keep working, making you nervous while you’re in bed.


Akshay Kumar's Daily Life Routine, Formula and Diet
Akshay Kumar’s Daily Life Exercise


He begins his day on a heavy meal of parathas and a glass of milk aided by fresh fruit and snacks. Lunch is a proper meal of lentils, brown rice, wholesome vegetables, or high protein and yogurt. The one thing he’s been following all his life and just really made a variation is eating before sunset. Last and meal of the day are a light blend of soup and sautéed vegetables. If he knows it, He ‘d probably have an egg-white omelet or soup and something that’s easily digestible after 7 p.m. And when he’s got to go out for dinner, he’s only eating proteins and trying to stop carbohydrates.

His tip to avoid unwanted cravings throughout the day-“Eat the next three hours but eat a healthy diet, “he announced also on MasterChef India set. He manages to avoid packaged and highly processed food as much as he can.

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